Alternative Health

It’s time to look after yourself!

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Bad back? Stiff neck? Poor Posture? Try an adjustment from one of our licensed chiropractors.

Therapeutic Massage

Ease muscle tension and melt away with a highly trained professional massage therapist to target problem areas.


An alternative to prescription medication, acupuncture can treat many symptoms including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, arthritis, headaches and many more.


You are what you eat! Get help from our licensed dietitians to analyze the best foods for your unique body.

Physical Therapy

Not just for athletes, it can help you improve movement and ease pain to live more actively.

Occupational Therapy

Treat cognitive, physical or sensory issues and regain independence in all areas of your life.


Our network of professional Podiatrists will treat your foot and ankle pain to get you moving again.

Save 25% off

You save 25% on alternative health services in our nationwide network of over 37,000 providers. Feel better about yourself today.