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Smile about savings on dental care.


There’s no waiting with VURVhealth. Our dental specialists are pre-approved. See your savings instantly.

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Dental procedure savings

Save 20% to 50% on most dental procedures including routine oral exams, unlimited cleanings, and major work such as dentures, root canals, and crowns.

Orthodontic procedure savings

20% savings on orthodontics including braces and retainers for children and adults.

Specialist savings

20% reduction on specialist’s normal fees. Specialties include: Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, and Prosthodontics where available.

Cosmetic dentistry savings

Cosmetic dentistry such as bonding and veneers also included.

Highly selective credentialing

All dentists must meet highly selective credentialing standards based on education, background, license standing and other requirements.

Visit any participating dentist

Members may visit any participating dentist on the plan and change providers at any time.





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