How to Take Control of Rising Health Care Costs

How to Take Control of Rising Health Care Costs

The cost of healthcare and even the cost of fulfilling prescriptions are experiencing spiked increases that do not seem to let up. From families to seniors to singles to business owners, it’s not easy to know which way to turn to get relief.

Check out a few things that you can do to find savings and cut back on out-of-pocket expenses without compromising your health.

Buy Generic

Just because something costs more does not mean it’s any better. The ingredients in generic drugs mirror the brand prescription drugs almost exactly (the only main differences being the inactive ingredients which make up less than 3.7% of the pill itself).  Always ask the pharmacist if a generic version of your medication is available, the difference in cost can make a big difference on your copayment.

Shop Around

Prices vary wildly from doctor to doctor, and it’s best to do your homework. Many people are finding out that it’s cheaper to pay out of pocket, sometimes, than to pay the deductible provided by their insurance plan. Ask your friends for referrals, grab a notebook, and start pricing out procedures.

Question the Test

Some tests are absolutely necessary for your health and wellbeing. But if you are uncertain about a particular one, ask. Sometimes a test can be put off a year or two and can save you money. Again, be sure to ask your doctor so that you aren’t skipping out on something vital to your wellbeing.

Take Advantage of Free Medical Services

Make sure you get the right insurance plan for you and your family’s needs. Check the subsidized services included in your health plan and make sure that you take advantage of these. Many plans offer free or reduced-cost flu shots, immunizations, health-risk assessments, and other preventive care services.

Explore the Benefits of a Discount Medical Organization Plan

You’ve heard of PPO and HMO. But, do you know the benefits of using a DMO like VURVhealth? Discount Medical Organization (DMO) plans are not health insurance. While they don’t cover major medical costs, they absolutely do provide discounted health services to fill the gap for times when your existing plan won’t cover the expenses, has a high deductible, or when you don’t have any insurance at all. The most important benefit is that a DMO plan can help you always afford to take care of your health. It’s a great additive to help you manage your out of pocket health expenses that works on your terms.

Through a nationwide network of providers, you get unlimited access and significantly discounted rates covering doctor and clinic visits, medical treatments, prescription medications, dental, vision, and alternative health services. Plus, DMO plans are very affordable. For as low as just over a $1 a day monthly, you can get 360 complete access to all VURVhealth medical and wellness services, including discounted prescription medications.

Healthcare these days can be confusing, but saving money doesn’t have to be. Don’t work harder – think smarter. A slight pause and intentional approach to your health care needs can go a long way in serving your finances and emotional and physical health.

Learn more about how VURVhealth works and select a DMO plan that is right for you.