Medical costs are expensive. We have the cure!

Health insurance is expensive and complicated: Deductibles, Co-Pays, Out-Of-Pocket Maximums. It’s enough to give you a headache!
VURVhealth is here to simplify medical costs, and can be used whether you have health insurance or not.  No jargon, just straightforward savings when you need help for most common medical situations.

We cover you when they don’t!

If you don’t have health insurance, VURVhealth helps you get the treatment you need at a greatly reduced price. No prior medical history restrictions and the largest coverage in America.

High insurance deductible?

You’re on the hook to pay 100% of your medical costs BEFORE your insurance even kicks in. You can get the same treatments and save up to 38% by using VURVhealth medical discounts.

We help cover the gaps

If you’re under-insured or have gaps in your current health insurance, VURVhealth can help you save on the treatments you need instead of paying full price.

Nationwide coverage

VURVhealth medical discounts are accepted across America with over 450,000+ doctors and 60,000 hospitals and medical facilities.

Know exactly what you’re paying

No nasty surprise medical bills. You will know instantly what your treatment costs and how much you will save.

Save up to 38% off medical bills

Our members save an average of 38% off doctor visits and up to 27% on hospital and medical facilities.

VURVhealth is NOT INSURANCE, but we can save you money in a lot of common medical situations.