See instant savings on all your vision care!

VURVhealth has the largest number of independent optometrists and ophthalmologists in America. We cover an annual comprehensive eye exam, frames or contacts, and lens enhancements, saving you on average over $480 per year!

Update your look with new frames

You save 25% off all frames including designer styles as part of a complete pair of prescription glasses.

New Lenses

Single Vision $40, Lined bifocals $60, Lined trifocals $75, when you buy a complete pair of glasses.

See Clearer with Lens Enhancements

Average savings of 20% to 25% on progressive lenses, scratch-resistant coating and anti-glare coatings.

$50 Comprehensive Eye Exam*

Not just another eye test, our annual full eye exam evaluates your vision, eye health, and screens for health conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol. You can also receive a prescription for corrective lenses. *When purchasing a complete pair of prescription glasses. 20% off without purchase of glasses.

Need new shades?

We’ve got you covered. Save 20% on unlimited non-prescription sunglasses if you have had a Wellvision eye exam within the past 12 months.

Contact Lenses

Save 15% on any contact lens exam.

Tired of glasses?

You save 15% on the regular price of Laser Vision Correction.