VURVhealth CAN When Your Health Insurance CAN’T

VURVhealth CAN When Your Health Insurance CAN’T

Sometimes, your health insurance does not cover something you need. Perhaps your deductibles are too high. Maybe you don’t even have health insurance. Or, you can’t afford to add Dental or Vision to your plan. Whenever there is a gap that your health insurance can’t fulfill, VURVhealth is there to help you get the quality health care that you need. Thanks to VURVhealth’s DMO.

You’ve heard of PPO and HMO. Now get to know VURVhealth DMO. Our Discount Medical Organization (DMO) plans are not health insurance. But they provide discounted health services to fill the gap when your health insurance can’t give you what you need at the price that you can afford.

VURVhealth DMO is ready to step in immediately and help when you are facing any of the following:

  • You don’t have health insurance.
  • You have health insurance but have a high deductible you never reach.
  • You’ve lost your job, and it looks like your only option is feeling forced to pay for overly expensive COBRA health insurance.
  • You need an alternative to traditional health insurance that works on your terms.

What Can VURVhealth DMO Do for You?

First and foremost, VURVhealth DMO is not health insurance. It is a DMO, which stands for Discount Medical Organization. A DMO provides you with significantly discounted health services.

Thanks to an affordable monthly membership fee and a nationwide network of quality health services providers, you receive unlimited access to doctors, clinics, medical treatments, prescriptions, dental, vision, and even alternative health services.

VURVhealth DMO is ideal for individuals, families, freelancers, small business owners, and others looking for an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance.

With research data showing that one in four Americans refuse medical care due to not being able to afford it, there are too many people falling through the healthcare system’s cracks. And it’s unacceptable. The decision to forego seeing a doctor or seeking treatment can lead to minor issues becoming major ones, which will cost much more down the road.

Afford to Take Care of Your Health

Take care of your health by addressing small health problems as soon as you can. VURVhealth can help you start to afford preventative care that will help you avoid extended hospital stays and high bills. Regardless of whether you have insurance or not, VURVhealth is here to give you the healthcare you need at upfront medical fees that make a big difference to your out-of-pocket savings. Plus, it’s immediate at the point of care. No paperwork to complete or waiting on reimbursements.

Sign Up in Minutes!

There’s no enrollment period, you can sign up at any time. And it’s super quick and convenient through the VURVhealth easy-to-use App that acts as your hub for all your health-related needs.


  • Download the VURVhealth app for iPhone or Android
  • Select the membership plan that suits your needs
  • Sign up & Search for what you need immediately

Avoid putting off that trip to the doctor because you are worried you can’t afford it. Enjoy affordable and quality healthcare by signing up for a membership with VURVhealth DMO today.

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