Welcome to VURVhealth: The Health Care Savings App

Welcome to VURVhealth: The Health Care Savings App

Health care is a prominent problem in the U.S.  Especially for individuals and families who don’t have stable employer-based health insurance covers or government-sponsored covers. With skyrocketing premium rates and out-of-pocket expenses, many Americans are forgoing health insurance and even medical attention when needed. A recent survey shows that 1 in 4 Americans refuse medical care because they cannot afford it. Opting not to see a doctor nor seek treatment can result in minor issues turning into costly complications. Preventative health care and quick treatment of small problems is the best way to avoid extended hospital stays and high bills. That’s where VURVhealth can step in. Whether people have insurance, or not, VURVhealth makes health care affordable to everyone, regardless of current health status.


VURVhealth is making a difference in how everyone can access health care. Through the convenience of a mobile app, VURVhealth delivers access to a nationwide network of physicians, facilities, and health specialists. When members use our network providers, they immediately receive low, pre-negotiated prices on thousands of health and wellness treatments. See samples of VURVhealth savings now.


We currently work directly with health insurance brokers, TPAs, businesses, and associations. VURVhealth is not health insurance. We provide a supplemental, affordable option to health insurance. Our plans give everyone the ability to see a doctor and maintain quality health services and treatments, instead of opting to skip important health care visits. And sign-up is available year-round.

VURVhealth offers new partners a turnkey platform with efficient integration with existing systems. Additionally, VURVhealth marketing and communications deployments can help drive revenue goals.

Please contact us to learn more about VURVhealth for your employees and clients. You can also visit our website and watch our video for more information.